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Macro Commander

Data Entry and Desktop Automation Software

Macro Commander

Macro Commander is all-in-one Windows desktop and web browsers automation software. It is designed to empower users to effortlessly create, manage, and activate macros and scripts in order to make manual repetitive tasks automated, fast, and error free. Its clean user interface allows to create and organize macros quickly and easily either manually or using a built-in macro recorder.

While Macro Commander provides strong data entry features to make filling data to other applications fast and easy, it also offers a comprehensive set of 300+ built-in commands that enable you to perform variety of other tasks including: manipulate files, folders, images, text, clipboard, network resources, web pages, natively automate applications such as Word or Excel, and send keystrokes and mouse clicks to any application or web page. In addition, the macros can be integrated with other scripting options such as Power Shell in order to extend its general usability.

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Automate Manual Tasks

Help Desk Support

Create macros with frequently used answers, phrases, screenshots, tips, etc. Increase helpdesk responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency by composing quick answers.

Data Extraction

Automatically extract required information from text files, Word documents, Excel tables, CSV files, web, computer screen, and other data sources.

Automated Testing

Create macros to mimic a real user in different test scenarios. Use built-in screencast features for the system under test behavior analyses.

Image Manipulation

Resize images, convert image formats, add watermark, reduce quality, and more bulk automated operations.

Data Entry

Enter customized frequently used phrases into any application or form fast and error free. Generate documents automatically.

Files Manipulation

Copy/move/rename/delete files and folders. Validate and manipulate text files content, send files for sharing, and more.

… and many additional manual steps in your computer based processes.

Macro Commander Editions

The Macro Commander is available in multiple editions – Macro Commander Basic, Macro Commander Pro, and Macro Commander Pro+ – that differ in available features and pricing. Download the product and use its free 30-day trial period to evaluate how it fits to your needs.

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